Memento Mori

Memento Mori

Its insane how much pain that we keep that’s within.
Our minds are in shambles and to get through days, we need to dig deep to prevent it from showing at the brink..

I think, it’s a cross we have to bear even if we fear, it’s only through God that we can keep our minds .. clear.

So if you can hear, this is just for you to find someone you can share with, the stories of all the shadows that live beneath the…glare.

I know it’s hard living every day, when it’s easier to be unliving, I know the world is a ..mess and the system forever..tests, and I know the pain is a mountain sometimes it never ever.. rests but I want us to try, children of the dark let’s try our best, for even though living is tough, it may be our destiny to be.. deathless.

“Ha ha”s only mask what’s within, sometimes we are dying flowers.. always withering.

We should ride on despite the…bumps, even if it’s hard for our bodies to move, I mean even if it goes all the way to our…thumbs, even if the world is shit, but by God’s grace we shall persevere through the clouds and come out on.. top.

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