Meet the Wave Artistes #LemonCurd 2.0. – Banggz

Meet the Wave Artistes #LemonCurd 2.0. – Banggz

Meet 18 year old rapper and producer, Banggz (real name Dami Isa Salaudeen), one of the Wave 3 artistes who performed at this year’s Lemon Curd.  He is the brain and voice behind ‘Mojo’ and ‘Jersey’ which features Jae. Both songs were produced and written by him. He has also produced songs for other artistes which can be found on his Soundcloud.

When describing himself, Banggz explains his interesting choice of stage name is because he believes it describes his beats and rap delivery. He further nicknamed himself, ‘Tsunami Dami’, which he mentions in his upcoming songs.

On what to expect from this bright upcoming artiste, he tells us that he has a lot coming including visuals for his songs, more songs and even a joint project. Lucid Lemons was glad to have him be a part of our event and we look forward to what he has in store!

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