Ménage à Trois: Me, My Girlfriend & Her Devil

Ménage à Trois: Me, My Girlfriend & Her Devil

Hello and welcome to another edition of #MoistPlaces! This is a pretty special episode because it’s a submission!

Ménage à Trois: Me, My Girlfriend & Her Devil

as i set the table straight & lie in wait
i allow for a margin of error slightly dividing
love & hate;
a cold blistering shoulder & a scalding hot embrace.

when she walks in,
my margin ignores the cup of juice i squeezed from fruit
& when her ferocious body knocks them over
my margin stabilizes my body.
my margin straightens my instrument & the table
as the devil in her mouth gnaws at my clothes & willpower.
my margin forgets the ignored love meal that has found its way to the mosaic.

my new man is a toy soldier,
he allows me wind him up,
he stands tall & when i push him to fall,
he never breaks, his love has no brakes.
he knocks the wind from my guts
& when i ask him ‘are you nuts?’
he doesn’t give me no ‘what?’s.
no ‘but’s when i ask him to eat–
he treats my butt like royalty.

& when i walk in,
burned out from the world’s harsh heat
my new man
is content with laying in
my ashes.


rotimi-williams d. sierra is a neo-expressionist, writer & poet. his works majorly seek to expose
humans in their worst forms. sierra spends his time completing unfinished articles & projects
whilst listening to music & when he isn’t, he can be often found (also listening to music) in a
toilet due to his lactose intolerance nevertheless his diet mainly consists of dairy products. sierra
lives in lagos, nigeria & his one dream is to try everything & then meet his demise at a
macdonald’s outlet (although, let’s be honest a toilet seems more realistic).

You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram


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