Mainland memories.

Mainland memories.

The year is 2005.
The summer of 2005. No school which means I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.
It was a bit early, 7:20 AM
I am sitting down in the living room in my baggy jeans, legs crossed while I concentrate intensely on the Nintendo GameCube I was playing it. A new Pokémon game had just been released and I had spent hours on it already, determined to complete it that same day.
Some shuffling is going on in the kitchen, the hurried movement of feet moving around accompanied with the clashing of pans and kitchen utensils. Soon it followed by the crackling of oil in the pans and the smell of breakfast wafting over my face.
I grin with excitement and my stomach decides to come to growl slightly, obviously agreeing with me. Mom’s breakfast was essentially the best part of the day. I sniffed a bit and caught the scent of my favorite foods.
Bacon, sausages and scrambled eggs.
My tummy did a cartwheel out of excitement while I lay down to continue my game, patiently waiting for her to come and tickle me as a sign that breakfast is ready.
I glance up at the wall clock and recoiled in horror. It was 8:30 AM.
Immediately I dropped my game and ransacked the entire parlor. Tearing pillows away from the couch, pushing chairs out of the way, flipping tables.
All the while my heart is racing, if I miss this opportunity I won’t get one until tomorrow, then it would be 24 hours too late.
I thrust my hand into one of the drawers and grasped something familiar and hard.
Grinning in relief I pulled out our DSTV remote controller and settled down in the now scattered parlor couch and flipped on the TV with the other remote. Still, in a hurry, I hurriedly pressed the numbers 301 into the remote.
It quickly took me to cartoon network where an episode of “The life and times of Juniper Lee” was just starting and now I could relax knowing I was starting my day the best possible way.
Then I catch something that makes me shudder out of the corner of my eye. My mother at the doorway of the exit posed with one hand holding a spatula and the other holding her waist. She had oil stains on her bathrobe from where it struck her
I could already see the displeasure on her face and it wasn’t hard to think of why. The entire parlor was in a mess, pillows on the floor, overthrown tables and scattered books.
Her brow furrowed as she looked around observing the mess. The irritation on her face kept building the longer she looked and so did my fear. Next thing would be for her to send me off to my room.
Instead, she sighed and called the maid.
“UKAMAKA!” She shouted down the hall.
The maid came out swiftly with broom and packer in hand as if she had anticipated the reason for her summons.
“Please take care of this place” She said while motioning her hand around the room.
Ukamaka did a short bow and began to work.
Mother looked back in my direction and smirked at me.
“Next time you won’t be so lucky. Now come, while your food is still hot!”
I sprang up and ran to the kitchen immediately, anticipating the warm feel of breakfast.
But not before glancing back at the tv to catch the sight of Juniper Lee kicking a monster halfway across the room.
I look at the time. 9:30 AM and I smiled.
Today was going to be a good day.
And then I woke up.

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