Lust – Lucid Impressions

Lucid Impressions

Lust – Lucid Impressions

The thoughts lingering.
A sultry female is all I see.
Silver stilettos on your feet.
That red dress pressed lusciously against your body.
Take it off, take it off.
I can’t focus anymore.
My imagination getting the better of me.
Picturing you bare with my hands all over.
Biting on your bottom lip, having me plant kisses all over you.
I want to get that matte red off your lips with mine.
Ice on my teeth grazing your areola, carefully nibbling on your nipple.
My face goes in between your thighs.
Tongue flicking, your hands on my head.
Grabbing on the sheets, moaning so loud you’d wake the neighbours.
Thrusting in, the warmth is heavenly.
Stroking repeatedly has your iris going all the way up.
Hitting it so good your sclera is all I see.
A shoulder tap, reality sets in.
It was a dream, extremely livid is all I can be.


by Emmanuel Sawyerr

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