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If there’s any Record Label we trust to provide us with quality artists, it is BEAM Entertainment. Stepping into the music industry for the first time, I am excited on behalf of Lucid Lemons to be one of the first people to interviewing the woman who speaks a thousand words in so few ones.

This interview serves the purpose of presenting this great musician to those who have been seeking something they have not found. I give you:


Olú of Vibrations


YINN: The stars have aligned and brought me to you! 🙂 Shall I introduce you or would you tell us your name?

OLÚ: Haha, knowing your flair for drama, I’ll introduce myself. My name is Olúwatosin Agunbiade.

YINN: I am told that drama is affiliated with creatives.  Now tell me all your secrets. How old are you? Where are you from?

OLÚ: All secrets come at a price. I was born in Lagos on the 10th of July 1993.

YINN: Osheyy 90s baby! It seems 90s babies aren’t babies anymore. We are all grown, either in school or out of it. Where did you school and what did you study?

OLÚ: Lol true, change is one thing that is constant in a world of consistencies. I schooled at Covenant University and University of Windsor, my degrees were related to management and human resources.

YINN: Hmm, it seems everywhere I go Covenant Universities are there and they are excelling. Did they inject you guys with greatness or something at your convocation?

OLÚ:  Hahaha, who knows? 🙂

YINN: A secret that must be carried to the grave, I see. A lot of musicians always say they have no plans of making use of their degrees.  Do you plan on using your degrees?

OLÚ: I already am. My degrees taught me to be a human being and to survive, knowledge is not unusable.

YINN: Hmm, I get this. Allow me delve into the music-related questions. When did you start making music?

OLÚ: 2017, everything before then was a brew.

YINN: I am glad to see that you decided to enter the music scene. Why would you say you make music?

OLÚ: Music is an artiste’s expression I cannot miss out on. As an artist, you express by barely being which is why we all as humans are simply art. Art from an angle is meaningless yet we express with all meaning, consider the aesthetic relevance. Music is the most aesthetic essence of all to me. Marina Abramovic, a performance artist I admire said once in an interview that she believes music is the highest art of all, I can relate with that because I have grown to see the impact of music and its sly effects. It’s like if you don’t know, you don’t. And when you do, you do. In the end, it’s all the vibration – a person with hearing impairment feels the vibration. That’s the art of music, it’s not just in the sound, sight or taste of it, it’s the feel, it’s undisputed you know.

YINN: I’m smiling so hard at this. You have put into words how I feel. Art is more than what people see. It is the air we breathe, the heat of the sun, the still moments. How would you describe your sound?

OLÚ: It’s difficult to call mine because I can see the distinction between myself and the sound. The music always connects with me in a unique way where I am aware that my description of it would really only be any other person’s description of it because the sound is the definition of itself. So as an individual, defining my sound would be closest to saying it is my intimate connection with the collective and that’s why I feel it infuses a lot of urban music inspirations from soul to highlife. In the end, it’s all the vibration.

YINN: I like that. “In the end, it’s all the vibration.” Your debut song was ‘The Cry’. What was the process for making ‘The Cry?’

OLÚ: The Cry crept up on me to be honest. I saw it coming but I wasn’t really sure what I saw lol. It’s like it happened at its own accord really – I still take time to sweep over the experience. I know Mayowa Balogun was a big role in the release of The Cry, I was ready with the music and he was the trigger. The song itself has so much essence that I can relate to and many others too. It does have a sarcastic sense to the lyrics which I think compliments the rhythm. David Akinwunmi, the producer was so wonderful to work with on it too – our vibes just got it and ‘The Cry’ happened.

YINN: Hmm, I love the Cry but I have to be honest with you, The Aye Project is where my heart really is. There’s a 7 months difference between The Cry and the Aye Project, what were you up to, definitely not having a baby!

OLÚ: Lol you never know, I was working on the Aye Project alongside working day to day, building myself as an individual and an artist. I haven’t really confronted myself but I also felt The Cry was a shock for me, still is most times but that might have played a role passively.

YINN: I understand this, sometimes it appears that confronting oneself is an often repeated process. What was your motivation and process for making the Aye project?

OLÚ: the Aye Project consists of two versions, ‘About A’ and ‘About Z’. The idea behind these is the expression of polarity as the essence of the sound came. Z was the initial sound that came which I was aware came from a place of deep probing into the mysteries of life, it’s like the sound felt into the oldest version of myself to see the end life and what I’d feel like. On the other hand, A was a deliberate opposition to the essence of Z – it’s the joy in the mystery. Like if there wasn’t the illusion, why would we keep searching – that’s the vibration.

In creation, we worked on About A first then Z.

YINN: I have to tell you, the ‘About Z’ resonated in my soul. Tell us about your family.

OLÚ: Ha! An interesting group, family is family. It is a grand concept the love we hold for family – mine is a big house with big characters, wouldn’t have it any other way.

YINN: It truly is! I’ve always wondered how it would feel having a large family. Let’s talk about your spirituality and your thoughts on religion.

OLÚ: In theory, man is a spirit, living in a body and has a soul. I have come to experience spirituality in the most expanding way and I believe all things arise from the spirit, the essence, the unknown and of course, that includes religion to me. Religion is one way to touch the unknown and I appreciate that the human race has found a structure to connect to spiritual living. Everything works perfectly, all things aligned to the purpose of our existence including the role of religion.

YINN: I say one thing. “Religion is several things to different men because situation and circumstance shape one’s belief.”

Let me switch things up a bit: What are your thoughts on drugs and weed and the society’s perception of it as opposed to its actual effect?

OLÚ: This is an interesting question. The truth is, my perception on it, just as the society’s perception on it, has no weight on the realities of these things. Each human has been given an experience to be responsible for, however we decide to allocate our experience is absolutely our power. That’s the human thing.

YINN: Indeed, the gift of choice is one that should not be taken away but rather respected with the consequences remembered.  Are you working on new music?

OLÚ: I always am. It’s like music works on me for it to work, sort of, so I’m constantly in a space of translating essence to art, to music.

YINN: What a great place to be in. When would you be releasing it? What’s it about?

OLÚ: It was initially slated to be released on the 5th of January but I personally preferred some more time off the festive period, so I dropped it on the 19th of January. I’ve put out some content related to the song, I titled it ‘Baby’ connecting it to the essence the song came through – it goes around on the experience of freedom and (I)’s search for (U). Baby is a journey for me. It’s the you, the I and the artist- the story of the experience and the connection between them. It definitely came from a sense of separation even as a whole. The questions have always been close to me in relation with life. The title is drawn more to the essence of the word ‘baby’ in terms of how society perceives a ‘young one’. It has been a beautiful experience for me.

YINN: Would you say that to proceed in life, moments of separation from one’s body is needed?

OLÚ: Needed is a strong requirement, awareness is key- how it works for each person depends on their person human power which we are naturally gifted to sense by being experiencers of our own realities. The body is still a tool, a major one at that. Separation and wholeness are sort of on the same plane so that separation cannot possibly happen unless you’re truly aware of the wholeness and by knowing you just know pretty much. That’s why it’s a sense, the sensing is the knowing.

YINN:  Hmm, the sensing is the knowing. I believe I speak for everyone here at Lucid Lemons when I say; we absolutely love listening to Baby, we might have to start calling you Olú of Masterpieces. We saw you perform live at Bobogiri and at The Feel the Music Festival. You did great. Which would you say you prefer a live band or a DJ?

OLÚ: Very much a band, we all live in the moment. There is something grand about making music live, it’s the vibration!

YINN:  The vibration demands to be felt! What experiences did you learn through last year?

OLÚ: Wake up. In the words of LDR, “I never really noticed that I had to decide to play someone’s game or live my own life, but now I do. I want to move, out of the black, into the blue.” Life waits to give us the best things when we want the best things for ourselves.

YINN: Hmm, important words to remember. Any teaser for this year?

OLÚ: Lol, life is a tease. 🙂



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