JazzZ Atta for Lucid Lemons

JazzZ Atta for Lucid Lemons

There’s music and there’s Music. There’s Jazz and there’s JazzZ. I have been completely in love with Hanjara (JazzZ) Atta for a while. Her music is what I call phenomenal and her style and person is just too loveable. I often refer to her (in my head) as My Fave after My Fave and I was so excited to have been granted an interview with her to speak about the new song on her ‘Made in Lagos’ Project with the producer Myme called Owo and her music generally.

Here, ladies and gentlemen is my interview with the Magical Music Lady; JazzZ Atta.



YINN:  Hey Hanj! Thank you for doing this. I’m so excited to interrogate you! First thing I need to know, how’s it like working with Myme?

JAZZZ: Lmao, working with Myme is a dream come through. He’s really down to earth, kind, funny and hard working. It’s especially very easy to understand what he needs for a song we are working on, I do the writing, and he balances that out with the sound. I am learning so much from this process.

YINN: That’s great. I doubt great music could be created if there wasn’t a vibe between artists. About your second song on the Made in Lagos project ‘Owo’, apart from being obviously about ‘money’, what else would you say the song is about?

JAZZZ: Lol. The song is mostly about money and also about having a good time with money. The Lagos social life isn’t particularly cheap…we all know that, so Money “OWO” is very necessary for enjoyment, especially the expensive kind. We basically just wanted to do a feel-good song, easy listening and good vibes. For me, this song is also a prayer lol, I need OWO in my life so I’m singing what I need into the universe and claiming it 🙂

YINN: I feel you on that one! Everything in this Lagos too dey cost but like Sefi Atta said ‘Everything good will come’. How many more songs are coming out in the Made in Lagos Project and can we get an inside as to what their themes might be?

JAZZZ: I really can’t tell you how many songs are on the project; I can tell you that it’ll be more than five songs or just about lol. The theme really is about how Lagos and its activities influence our creativity and our lives. Lagos city is filled with so much diversity especially right now in the entertainment industry, there are so many unique artistic activities going on.

We are trying to capture all that in our sound and production, Hence the project made in Lagos. Also if you can make it in Lagos you can make it anywhere. So we, Myme & I, are proud of where we from and we are expressing that through music.

YINN: Hmm, Eko ko ni baje! How do you feel your style of music has changed since your Practice EP?

JAZZZ: I think that from Practice till now, my sound has evolved and is still evolving. I am getting a clearer vision of what my music will become. I’m more confident in my abilities as a singer & a songwriter. I am also more open to experimenting more and I want more than just fitting into a box of just being just a soul or jazz singer. There’s so much more I enjoy doing with my gift.

YINN: You are more than you seem. Would you say that your style of music is tied to your current stage in life?

JAZZZ: Yes, I would say that my sound has changed completely from last year and the year before that, and I always evolve as I get older because change is constant and my art must change & grow. It is the blessing and curse of being a creative. I get bored easily so if I’m not doing something different it won’t mean anything to me and my art.

YINN: I can see the growth. I remember reading your last interview with LL (http://www.lucidlemons.com/interview-jazzz-atta/)

Speaking of style changes and future albums, when would you be releasing a new EP or album?

JAZZZ: Hmm. I would be releasing a raw and uncut version of ‘Practice’ with two new bonus songs from the next project, on the 21st of this month. It’s Raw and Uncut because it hasn’t been mixed or mastered or nothing just pure vibes from a live session I had at Bogobiri a couple of months back.Then I’m also working on putting out a small project before December. I’m really hoping that works out.

YINN: I heard about that. You really sparked a buzz at Bobogiri. People were looking forward to Thursday evenings. Love, loss and money seem to be the biggest themes in a lot of recent projects, what direction do you think the Made in Lagos Project would take?

JAZZZ: Anything that speaks to us really, we aren’t going to force it. Loss, sadness or mental illness, it could be anything really. The direction is natural, whatever affects us and we talk about it that’s what we would go with. We always talk when we have sessions, Myme & I, so we always feel and get inspired by our situation.

YINN: That’s really good. Communication is key. Would you and Myme be putting out visuals for any song on the project?

JAZZZ: Yes we will. Working towards putting out visuals very soon.

YINN: Osheyy! Would you be working on a Christmas project? You know, a little gift from Jazzz to the world. *wink wink*

JAZZZ: Lol. We’ll see. Watch this space.

YINN: Okay o. I’m about to get deep. What emotions do you feel while recording a song?

JAZZZ: It depends on whatever material I’m recording at the moment. That is, if it is a love song, then love…and so on and forth. I go back to moments when I sing. So it’s kind of like a time capsule thing when I record, sing. Capturing different moments with each song.

YINN: Hmm. Before you drop a project or song, what emotions do you experience?

JAZZZ: The need to keep pushing. I sing I write, I feel & I love what I do. It’s really nothing special than doing what I really love to do. That’s all really.

YINN: I’d like to think that it’s special because you love it. Describe your songwriting process, would you say you are a part of the all night, wake up and push out a song in less than two hours gang or shut up in a room for a week till it’s solid gold, squad? Rumor has it that you lean towards the second

JAZZZ: I’m partly both. Lol. My process really is experiencing whatever emotions I’m going through during that creative process. Sometimes I have that need to be around everyone and everything that’s going on and sometimes I need to just disappear. I don’t force it; I just go through it and experience its losses and gains. One thing I have learned and I am learning is life is very imperfect & it is how you deal with its imperfections that affect you.

YINN: JazzZ is dropping gems. What or who would you say inspires your lyrics?

JAZZZ: Life, experiences & fantasy inspire my lyrics. Everything and nothing.

YINN: Which artist would you say you have loved working with the most?

JAZZZ: Every artiste I have worked with has left me with an unforgettable experience so really there’s no favourite. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with the artists I have worked with so far, the high & lessons are forever.

JAZZZ ATTA @ The Lemon Curd 2.0

YINN: I personally would like a song with You, Lady Donli and Amaarae but what I would like to know is who would you like to work with?

JAZZZ: Both ladies are amazing, I would love to work them. Lol, there’s specifically no one, I’m just open. I don’t like forcing creative vibes if it works, it works.

YINN: You seemed pretty chilled. Where can your fans catch you for an autograph apart from at a show?

JAZZZ: Lmfao. Wherever we get to see.

YINN: This is purely asking for the fandom, when is your birthday?

JAZZZ: It’s on 24th of February.

YINN: Why three Zs? We gotta know!

JAZZZ: Three Zs are unique. Lol, three Zs just worked I guess. I wish there was an exciting story to it but there’s none… Sigh

YINN: How was your experience at the Lemon Curd?

JAZZZ: What?! The Lemon Curd was madness. Amazing stage. Great talents.  Awesome crowd. One of the best moments in 2017, can’t even lie.

YINN: Your performance at this year’s The Lemon Curd was so awesome and breathtaking. I remember standing at the ticket table thinking to myself, “Wow! This sounds really good.” I had to find you after that day.

JAZZZ:  Jee Wow, thanks very much. S/O to Lucid Lemons for making it happen.


Do check out JazzZ on all social media, she’s @whobejazzz on IG, SC and Twitter. Her SoundCloud is:

Myme is: @mymeondabeat and his soundcloud is https://soundcloud.com/mymeondabeat

You can also follow me on IG and Twitter if you’re feeling generous! I’m @Lady_yinn


That’s all for now, guys! Do you have any questions for JazzZ? Ask in our comment section!





  • Latchy
    Posted at 21:50h, 17 November Reply

    Lovely interview with amazing insights on the artist! I enjoyed reading every bit of it!

    • Oyinkan Agboola
      Posted at 21:54h, 17 November Reply

      Thank you very much, Latchy! Please be sure to check out my other posts and JazzZ’s SoundCloud

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