Line Up! BarelyAnyHook’s back!

Line Up! BarelyAnyHook’s back!

BarelyAnyHook lures us into his 2019 with warm but somber chords over a charismatic bassline and crisp percussion work crafted collaboratively by Trill XØE and TOBAY of 😯 Sounds (Mixed by The Great Anonymous) whilst simultaneously weaving a tight and cleverly introduced narrative of a strained interaction between the protagonist and a former interest, mid-haircut.

BarelyAnyHook unleashes a feat of a rattling and insistent wordplay punctuated by what could possibly be your favourite set of ad libs this 2019. He bares not only his creative and vocal range but his scissor-sharp songwriting, uncanny emotional perceptiveness, and the ability to translate that infinitely relatable space to the listener in this ear-worm of a hit.

If you don’t catch yourself humming along hours after it has made your playlist, you’re most deafinitely hearing wrong.


Listen to his new song here, exclusively on Lucid Lemons:





Check out this video from when we had Barely Any Hook on our stage at The Lemon Curd 2.


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