Logo Oluwamuyiwa’s Monochrome Lagos.

Logo Oluwamuyiwa’s Monochrome Lagos.

Even if it is a window in a “danfo” bus, or an old lady standing in an old building, or a house with many air conditioners. Every mundane subject looks to have a story to tell in Logo Oluwanimuyiwa’s ongoing project: Monochrome Lagos.

Source: monochromelagos.com

Before making this series, Logo asked “if I strip Lagos of it’s colour what will i find?”. This was the question that inspired this masterpiece.

Logo never reduces what he sees, but, somehow increases both the momentous and the trivial, A picture less of a moment than of a place and time. Happy school children, a girl walking home from church, a man smoking a cigarette -each photograph is laced with untold stories.

You feel their stress, their weight along with the heat of the day, the stale air-conditioned chill of the room, the smell of smoke, the alcohol and sweat from the men.

Logo’s Lagos is dull, it looks ordinary, it has a compositional blankness, it has no colour and relies much on contrast.

These aren’t flaws, these are it’s strength. A quieter Lagos isn’t a bad idea.

Logo’s work pays close attention to architectural forms, shapes and lines.

His photographs displays the innocence of Lagos. Showing places one can find serenity and calm in the very populated and busy city.







more info on Logo’s work can be found here.

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