Let’s Get To Know – SV

Let’s Get To Know – SV

A few days ago, I sat down with a young artiste after listening to his recently released body of work. After being thoroughly impressed by the work on the project, I thought it would help to take a dive into the mind of the creative that produced it. Here’s how the short conversation went with SV:

Yinoluu: Let’s start right from the beginning. How did you first get into music and how did you arrive at your stage name?

SV: I’ve always been a massive music fan. My dad always had Fela and Teddy Pendergrass on when I was younger. On a summer holiday when I was in primary school, I walked into the HMV store and picked up a Carter 3 CD by Lil Wayne, that’s when I really fell in love with rap. I have been rapping ever since. And my rap name used to be SA (my initials), but during that whole ASAP rocky phase in 2012, it was kinda cool to replace your As with Vs, so that’s it basically

Yinoluu: That’s dope. Lil Wayne of back then could make anyone a rap fan. Could you say he’s also influenced your style? And who else would you credit with inspiring your sound to be what it is?

SV: My music style when I started was purely Jay and Ye. Luxury rap strictly. I used to look down on other rappers who “dumbed it down” in terms of lyricism, but my style nowadays is now a mix of luxury/conscious rap and more modern beats

Yinoluu: And going beyond the style, would you say your music has certain themes or concepts you try to address?

SV: Trying to positively change the message delivered by most rappers. Said on plan (intro of my tape) “all of you rappers sound dumb, rapping bout money and drugs, and preaching bout bitches and guns like we haven’t heard enough”

Yinoluu: So you’re trying to change the negative message people seem to sometimes glorify in rap music?

SV: Essentially yeah

Yinoluu: I think that’s commendable. You mentioned your tape. Can you tell us a bit more about it? What’s it called (and why?) and what’s your favourite track off it?

SV: The tape is called “square one”, it took me about 7 months to make. It was kind of difficult to make because I had to juggle making this tape with exams. All in all, I’d say I listened to about 70 beats before I decided on the final 6. It features Kash of Traplanta, New World ray of no politics mob and Lörd Isaac. My favourite song is Plan.

Yinoluu: 70! Jheez. So im gonna assume you have a very specific ear. What do you listen for when you’re scrutinizing a beat? Also, As you move forward with your career, are there any specific producers and artists you’d want to collaborate with?

SV: I’d love to work with Santi and no ID. I’d also love to work with Frank Ocean and James Blake. Preferably together lool. For me the most important thing is melodies. I love low-key chord progressions, nothing ever too loud and aggressive. I feel like if you’re moving towards the loud side of things, that’s the job of the drums, not the melodies.

Yinoluu: Lool that would be so sonically pleasing. How have your family and friends responded to your interest in making music?

SV: I’m quite a funny and lively guy so when I first started making music people didn’t take me seriously. But now, about half a decade since, people have started taking me more seriously. Way more seriously. I’ve performed at 2 DRB concerts, one Nativeland concert and many others, so it wouldn’t be too wise not to take me seriously at this point.

Yinoluu: Lol I love that line. Full of confidence. In half a decade, I’m sure there’s been a lot of growth. Would you say you’ve finally settled on your sound or you’re still growing towards it? And how do you expect your style to develop in the years to come?

SV: I do have a preferred sound but I’m growing and learning every day. I listen to everything to learn what makes each genre so appealing. Rap isn’t even my favourite genre of music to listen to! I want to integrate more alternative into my music over the next 2-3 years. Which is why I have dreams of working with the likes of James Blake and the xx

Yinoluu: Lmao, in that case, I have to ask, what’s your favourite genre to listen to?

SV: I’m a massive Beatles fan, so probably blues/rock. Love Nirvana as well and some Metallic. Honourable mentions have to go to Tame Impala as well

Yinoluu: Definitely not what I was expecting lol. Well, I look forward to seeing how your music grows with those influences in the coming years. Is there anything else you’d like to say to the people reading this?

SV: Watch out for new sound very soon, and keep following/supporting.

Yinoluu: Bless. I’m sure they will after listening to Square One. Thanks so much for letting us Get To Know you SV

SV: No worries 💪🏽💪🏽

In my opinion, SV is definitely one to keep an eye on.

I invite you to check out his EP “Square One”, and his most recent single “Screwfix” down below. Also, follow him on his social media at:

Snapchat: seniakin, Instagram: seni_sv amd Twitter: sv_seni.

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