Lack Of Light

Lack Of Light

It’s in this darkness I most belong
In this darkness I find myself
In this darkness I see myself clearly
For in this darkness is the one place i’m not alone
For in this darkness is where I can express myself, a place I could truly grow
I feel you, you know
Some nights more than others
Some nights you touch me , you open my eyes to help me see clearer
Some nights, you speak to me gently
You tell me you love me
Other nights you taunt me with your words
You pull me so close yet you push me so far away
You tell me I’m ugly but yet you swear that I’m pretty
Some nights you whisper into my ear urging me to do it
You swear to me it’ll be painless
“No one can ever love you like me” you’d say
“To your wrist with a slight slit, my love forever we may be”


by Ifeanyi Ben-Okafor

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