Íyàwó mi

Íyàwó mi

Íyàwó mi,
beauty that radiates the sun to glow,
beautiful lady in her prime, ornaments laid her neck to rest and a million for her smiles,
the hunter dances to the rhythm of the bàtá,
when his game is enough for three seasons.

strong bones fitted in the flesh of mesembe,
shaped in the perfect size of the eyes,
she is fearless and wonderfully made,
in the courtyard of men, she lays them to their graves with grief and fear,
she’s a lioness in the night, an angel at noon

gifts from all parts of the universe,
laid at the feet of my precious stone,
chants from both young and old for àdùkè,
generations will always be pleased,
to have a legend in this perilous age


by Daniel Nnaemeka

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