Introducing the Friendship series

Introducing the Friendship series

After reading the friendship affair earlier this year, I started thinking about some of my past and present friendships, and what is lacking. I traced down all their lifelines and noted a lot of betrayal, resentment, loyalty, trust, love, intimacy, heartbreak etc. and how they overlapped and entwined with one another. I realised they helped mould me into who I am presently. It seems like a chain reaction- whoever you surround yourself with and whatever energy you derive from their presence takes a toll on you in ways unexpected. Most times they help you learn a lot about yourself, consequently making you grounded in who are.

Thus, I became interested in exploring the dynamics of friendships, especially female friendships, for a while now. The desire got stronger when I read this twitter thread by @ThePhidelia_ as she said exactly what I had been thinking. I am intrigued mostly because no one talks about how a break-up with a friend, or betrayal from one can leave lasting scars. Friends, therefore, play an important role in our lives, but I believe everyone needs them. Yes, family is extremely important but there are some secrets you cannot share with family, and while romantic relationships are nice, there is that platonic trust and intimacy that comes with friendship that cannot be replaced. However, as much as they are necessary, they can be toxic and damaging.

So, I have decided to start a series that kicks off January 2017. I have shared my story and I would love to hear yours – the good, the bad and the ugly.  It could be about a sour past (my best friend was emotionally abusing me), or if you are like me, intrigued by the notion of ‘best friendship’ and still in search of that oneness (The plight of the best-friendless), or maybe your experience has been the opposite. You have found that irreplaceable best friend, perhaps your childhood best friend, and it has been an exciting journey so far.

Whatever your story is, I am inviting you to write to me about it.


What has your experience been like? have you been in toxic, abusive friendships? what were the effects of that? are you still in search of a best friend? or do you simply appreciate the people currently in your life? Was it about betrayal – a line was crossed that you two could never come back from? Or you just want to write about the friendship phenomenon. Write to me- to be featured on LL for January 2017.


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