IBEJII: Discover The Mysterious Retro Afro Artists

IBEJII: Discover The Mysterious Retro Afro Artists

In a saturated music industry, where lewd lyrics and cacophony is norm,
a mysterious artiste with a unique style of music continues to rise up
the ladder of reckoning and regard.

Ibejii, daring and compelling, entered the Nigerian music arena some two
years ago, with his release of the critically-acclaimed single, Ayanfe,
a love song that speaks chivalry and love in its purest form: “Ayanfe is
my first gift to the world; a world of pure souls, lovers of edifying
verse, of chivalry and character – a beautiful, beautiful place. I
welcome lovers of great sound to join me on this journey of
self-discovery – a journey that embraces hope and promise, but also
self-doubt and diffidence,” he had said of the track.
The spotlight however shone brighter on the mysterious artiste when in
August, 2017 he launched two projects simultaneously.
GreenWhiteDope 001 and GreenWhite Dope 002 were launched as a twin
project, reflecting Ibejii’s roots as a twin, a fact that is believed to
carry mystery and exceptionalism in the Yoruba culture of his heritage.
As a twin, Ibejii shares the cultural advantage of possessing and being
protected by supernatural powers, a factor that presumably shapes the
extraordinary talent of this multifaceted personality, whose fuller
journey is yet to be told:
“My journey is a subtle blend of the Taiye and the Kehinde, the seen and
the undisclosed, the old and the new, African vibes and international

For Ibejii, music “gives the opportunity to explore different themes and
ideas. It enables one to push messages through a platform that is
universal; that works.”
As is clear from his lyrics, music for Ibejii is first about good
messaging but also about sweet melody. He regales his audience through
the art of skilful storytelling embellished with folklore, metaphor and
vernacular. He explores, traditional Yoruba folk, jazz, dance, RnB, Juju
among other genres. His diversity of genre is hinged on his belief that
human moods vary. His music which is transcendent speaks to diverse
topical issues, from love to hope, migration politics to leadership,

Like many who appreciate and purvey great music, Ibejii was born into a
home that enjoyed a rich mix of tunes from the 60s, 70s and 80s, fanning
the embers of interest in good music and creativity.
Born in London, UK, Ibejii’s nation of birth and early nurture works a
dynamic duo with his nation of origin, influencing his unique blend of
African and international motifs in the creation of his music. Ibejii’s
music is cross- cultural, cross-continental, and truly delights music
lovers from diverse continents.
Ibejii is sophisticated, thoughtful, idealistic, dynamic and
inquisitive; attributes that endear him to his core fans. He is
renowned for his navy-blue tunic, Afros and sometimes, his fedora hat;
an ensemble that speaks ‘style’, ‘timeless’, ‘daring’ and ‘openness’.
In December 2017, Ibejii held a huge concert audience spellbound with
his sterling performance as guest artiste at the Brymo Concert at Terra
Kulture Arena, Lagos. He is set to hold his maiden headline concert,
The Ibejii Live Experience’, at the African Arts Foundation (AAF),
Victoria Island, Lagos, on Tuesday, 29th May, 2018.

With tickets flying off the shelf, love vers of great music are set for a
great evening – which, as we hear it, is prelude to launch of Ibejii’s
third album project (title withheld).

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