Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman

The Earth is the true mother, the first conceiver of all who give life, the eternal goddess who owns all above and beneath us, the first of her kind and giver of  our lives.

She has cultivated the sky and molten magma, the sea and all the ice caps, the words and their opposites, all in all to balance a world in need.An inspiration for the world of our ideas, the perfect muse for all our creative expressions, she is the art, she is the earth, our spark and the final custodian of death.

She is everything, a gift a curse who gifts us blessings and takes from us time, past, future and…present

A shame some pillage and desecrate her, preying on her virtue, it should be our responsibility to nurture her, caress her, appraise her, and try to rebuild her for ..

She is our mother, our sister, your daughter, your wife…your forever
So it’s up to us who are aware of her love and…care,to show her respect,keep her safe from any…fear
The day of the Woman is a day we all should hold dear..
Celebrate our women and let them know they are kings and queens in this world, for a nation has no beginning if there is no Woman.
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