Heavy Heart Review

Heavy Heart Review

Heavy Heart is the debut album by Nigerian singer, Edwin Madu, or Dwin, The Stoic. The project features a couple of genres but the main styling of the album is cemented by acoustic guitar work and solemn pianos.

Dwin, The Stoic, focuses on the trappings of love and loving in this sombre project that brings his musical strengths (his singing, guitar work, and his exemplary songwriting) to the fore.

A lot of the album requires little of the instruments, allowing Dwin’s vocals and poetic sung stories shine atop solemnly strummed guitars and melodic pianos. Songs like Are You The One?, Of Us, and Braveheart are perfect examples of this.

The album is graced by a couple of features who all add new flavours to the sound. We have BarelyAnyHook & Paybac giving us their flow on the jazzy, bouncy Take Flight. 3rty harmonizes excellently on the bittersweet The Lonely. Gido & Vader The Wildcard give us a bop reminiscent of braggadocios gangsta tunes with the foreboding For Those Who Cross My Path. The lovely Dvina Oriakhi absolutely steals the show with her touching vocals on Loser.

Dwin also flexes his diverse muscles on his own, switching up the tempo and feel of some solo offerings like the igbotic Pack Your Load (featuring his alter ego, Nnanyimovich) which had me looking for my handkerchief, the heart-wrenching Happy Song and its surprise breakdown near the end, and the dark and haunting Ghost.

I did have a few personal gripes with some of the technical aspects of the album, namely the mixing on some tracks where I felt the vocals still sounded like they needed a bit more time in the oven. However, none of these little issues subtracted substantially from my enjoyment of what Dwin, The Stoic is serving here.

My favorite track on this project is the closing song, Stay The Night. This song. Everything about it is amazing. The pianos are wonderful, the panpipe is dramatic and evocative. The strings pulled on the ones in my heart and drew me in. This song summed up everything this project was; heartfelt, honest, somber, vulnerable, and full of emotion. This song is what every Nollywood soundtrack anchor should aspire to be.

Dwin, The Stoic is a name to watch out for. His sensibilities stand far out of the crowd and I implore you to look over in his direction and watch out for what may be to come

Give his work a listen below. What do you think?

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