8- last summer II
Ugonna ‘gunna’ Ikechi, a Toronto-based Nigerian multi-media artist.
thegunnavision. functions as a conduit for his visual expressions via a variety of media. His work is based on a sincere visual language that seeks to unify his love for thought-provocation and aesthetic compositions.
1-3. [ ] series
these pieces are about maintaining a sense of personal tranquility despite the conditions of external circumstances. ‘vrede in pyn’ is swahili for ‘peace in pain.’ this series articulates the aim to contrast current situations with juxtaposed emotions, pacified and vulnerable, yet resilient.. going against odds and norms.
4-5. [ pacif.i ] and [ unbothrd ]
the sense of freedom and peace are very prominent themes in my art, probably as a result of my continual, personal quest for them. these pieces work to depict those sensations.
6-7. [ brothr ] series
these drawings were created in accordance with a year-long visual series ‘Brother,’ by photographer Ohi Omo-Eboh of GreenInc., on the versatility of black men.
8. [ last summer II ]
this is a photograph eye shot and edited for recording artiste Ojo’s debut Last Summer EP. it really captures the mood and direction of the project.
9. [ new age prophecy ]
this is a graphic piece for recording artiste Deuce’s debut New Age Prophecy LP. the urgency and context of the album is depicted in the work.
10. [ the wav.e rid.e ]
i’m coming to terms with the uncertainty and thrill of success here. this piece represents my life in an analogy of my art career, filled with purpose, intent and strife.. focused on my vision, not my rear.
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