The Escape with Ose Adeniyi

The Escape with Ose Adeniyi

I’m really blessed to be doing what I’m doing.
I doubted if my articles or interviews were enough or if they mattered but something can’t be explained they just need you to act.
I’ve been around the culture and I’ll always praise it cause Africa is changing and we’re the ones making it happen. This is God’s dream, we’re becoming better than we’ve ever, we all have to keep the faith.
These articles are about exposing minds, some friends of mine, some random people I’ve met on social media or around me cause they are proof that we are gradually becoming our own nation with our own culture.

The arts document change, that’s what they were created for, to artistically express what we are, how we’re reacting, what’s in our mind. Artists bring them demons and angles into reality, they paint a heaven or hell. We’ve taken them up a notch and they’ve become “graphic designers”, digital age Picassos creating from tools provided by the internet. They are bringing their piece together using manipulation, skill, creativity and maximum expression.
They are so many of them in the new age, they need to be free to show what they see and art was created for just that.

The GraphicLemons series means a lot to me, it’s something that’s needed to show more beauty through our new artists creating for our time. This edition was with Ose Adeniyi, a young chap I met in college who’s become a close friend. He’s the C/O of Creative & Innovative Hub/Foundation, Codelo and he’s a product designer at the conglomerate “Baroque Age”. Being one of the most distinct minds I’ve met, he creates with a view of broken distinctions.
He’s taking whatever and making them show meaning. A need he feels to bring things together to become perfect in their destruction, a feeling we can relate to creating in Africa. We push the limits in the new age with our own will, faith, hard work and exposure from the internet, maybe Ose’s art is that. A rendition of something not really understood but yet you feel it make sense. Our discussion was brief as Ose hit the guns hard with his words as usual, disjointed but articulate. It’s incredible having this job, taking us on each journey through the arts of different minds. We see reflections of ourselves in their words and craft, it draws us nearer to the history we’re creating for ourselves.

AL: Explain art in your perspective and why you create?

Ose Adeniyi: Art in my perspective is everything, the embodiment of an idea/skill. A channeling of the universe to create another universe if you will. “A viewpoint; whether yours, one you’d like to have, how you see another person’s viewpoint, and other infinite combinations of viewpoints; taking that and expressing it”. I create cause it’s the only thing I can do, the only thing I know how to do; no matter what I’m doing, I’m creating, constantly. And because I want to create other things, and get inspired while creating; I just keep going, guess I forgot where the brakes are.

AL: Your art is quite abstract and has layers to it with a lot of forms, is that your world? Break down your art view to us.

Ose Adeniyi: Tough to explain, but let’s just say I tend to get lost in it, in the message, the details; I’m very particular about detail. I fuck with a lot of geometry cause that’s the basis of everything visual, there are shapes in everything with physical form, even “formless” things. And a lot of times, those basic shapes and lines really stand out when I’m looking at stuff. And colors too, I don’t use a lot most times cause too many colors tend to be distracting for me, especially when they’re conflicting. Like how light and bright things make my eyes hurt after a while; I prefer working with darker palettes.

Song Art for Tonero

AL: What would you say is an element of your art that surrounds what you see in the world?

Ose Adeniyi: Geometry and Colors.

AL: How do the lines and geometry help give your art a narrative?

Ose Adeniyi: That’s a result of my viewpoint, how I see it, is how I can tell it; that’s how we as humans know to communicate; how we perceive it from our viewpoint, the same viewpoints are what our interpretations operate on and what we then express from that. The art I produce is just a function of that.

AL: What impact do you think art has had on the new age of Africa?
And how do you reflect this in your art?

Ose Adeniyi: Art has always been a driving force, inspiration, communication across the earth, it’s just time for another era, a better one we’d like to build and everyone that wants that better world is using whatever medium they can, art is one out of many. I think that things can always be better, even in the best case possible, I think that better state is what we should all work to achieve; that what I put into a lot of the art I put out.

AL: What stands unique to the African art scene which is growing and gaining more recognition?

Ose Adeniyi: Well, truly I don’t believe in borders, we’ve always been speaking, they’re just listening to us more now cause we have the internet now, infinity.

AL: You’re the creative director of a brand called Codelo, tell us about that?

Ose Adeniyi: For someone who wants to create through multiple mediums and an architectural firm doesn’t cut it, you want to direct camera angles on videos too, all while developing new technology and writing songs; a place for undefined fields, I think of everyone as a creative director and working together is how we can achieve things. We have to keep building a better existence. That’s what Codelo is about.


AL: You’re centered a lot around freedom to express, to create without borders.
Coming from Nigeria which limits such freedom, how important is it for structures like Codelo, Bantu and others to help change this narrative?

Ose Adeniyi: Everyplace has its limits, you know, I just happen to be in Nigeria. But I’d like to show people those limits aren’t there, you set your own limits.

AL: How do you wanna show this?

Ose Adeniyi: Belief is the first step of making something happen. Then working towards this belief, and we don’t always get to work and get the results we want, not every time. Sometimes, we get different results, those ones we can use to keep working at the result we want. I think to believe in the example and the only things that last are ideas, and the best way to describe an idea most times is by example.

AL: Will this be enough for a change?

Ose Adeniyi: Change always has to happen, it’s inevitable, but the pace and direction we can affect. If I want things to change and I’m not doing anything about it or waiting on someone else who isn’t ready, or I want to change someone’s viewpoint and I’m not showing them how to change or that change even exists; then I’m wasting time and energy.

AL: Does art bring understanding?

Ose Adeniyi: Not necessarily, communication does, at a level the audience can relate/understand. And that’s the difficulty most times, different levels of communication.

AL: So different layers of art bring different forms of conversation?

Ose Adeniyi: Not so, I could use different layers to illustrate the same point.

AL: A few words to the kids creating out there?

Ose Adeniyi: I’ve come to learn more about art through life actually than the other way.
If you’re creating, don’t stop and if you’re not, please start; in any way, you can. And not just copy and paste. A lot of times we have to remember to create to solve problems in our time. We can’t always create the best things on our own, even the best things can be better; that’s why collaborations are important, most people don’t get that, I wouldn’t say especially Nigerians although that’s what I have in mind but that’s stereotyping, I hate that. But I see nothing wrong in 2/3 filmmakers or directors coming together; but ego is a big problem we all still have, no matter how small.

It was a lovely conversation, seemed brief but a lot can be learned in the mind of an artist. I’ve noticed the seem to express less, they’d rather show you but sometimes they explore words too and we capture their pain more precisely, this was a little of that.
It’s magical cause I learned some new things, that’s what these interviews are to me.
A way to help share more of our hearts through a conversion.
The new age can’t stop believing there’s something incredible happening, cause there is. This will be a big showcase, it will be the greatest shift in humanity.
Africa is on a journey going forward.

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