Glass by Ifeanyi Ben-Okafor

Glass by Ifeanyi Ben-Okafor

I let you break me,

I opened a little at a time and piece by piece you broke.
I let you do it cause with every little piece you broke I thought I still had a lot more for you to love,
but you didn’t,
you kept breaking and breaking
and you jumped over these pieces because you didn’t want the damage you had done to cut you.
Time and time again when I tried to put together some of my pieces
you would come around with your fake promises
and I’m left shattered once again. You’d swear you don’t know what you are doing but deep down I know you do.
You’ll never love me but when you say it like that…

I do, I swear I really do believe you.

by Ifeanyi Ben-Okafor

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