Waking up at 9/10am, waking up with no worries,waking up to breakfast and hugs from mama, a pat on the head from papa.

Waking up to water falls on a bed made of cotton, waking up in pyjamas painted with our favourite cosmic warriors.

Waking up just to watch cartoons, the nostalgia of a time with no cable, when Cadbury, Channels and Silverbird had our backs, a time when we could explore the length and breadth of our imaginations, a time when sleep was a commodity which we could endlessly afford, a time when innocence was tainted by sins of Enid Blyton fairytales, elves and goblins were the only demons we knew.

A time when we lived in the Oasis, arcade countries and Nintendo states, video games and the toys that came from our heroes often elevated us from feeling like zeros. A time from beyond when we all could do kung fu both with our bodies and our biros, pen game then was mad ferocious, with the powers of Bic and Eleganza masters tested. A time when peace of mind was a.. norm for most of us, with little or no worries to make our faces .. forlorn.

Now sleep is a luxury not many of us can afford, age wears it’s best clothes on us, stress and depression threatens us. The fear of poverty, the fear of not amounting to anything frightens us. The arcades have turned to desks where some of us slave away, our conscience shackled, the pen games have turned to battles for agreements and contracts. For some of us the toys have upgraded to Benzes and Porsches, for others the toys have remained in an age forgotten.

And still we will toil and fight our way back to such a time as we had before, this is just a phase, a phase we shall..conquer. For we will always strive and prosper, we are the Golden Age..90’s babies forever.

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