5 Favourite Book

5 Favourite Book

Books. We’ve all read books, some of us still read novels and some of us don’t even remember the last book we read (I am guilty of this). For most of us, reading is an escape from reality’s boring embrace, it is an adventure we take without moving from our chairs or beds. reading feels better when we are getting our time’s worth in the books we read. we are attracted to the subjects and the vast characters in each book. whether we relate to the characters or not we almost certainly get engulfed in their stories and lives.
It’s literature month at LL, and in honor of the theme, I’m going to make a list of my favorite Nigerian novels and my favorite/stand-out character in each book.

Simbi goes to school.
I’ll start with a book we should all be familiar with, You’d laugh, but, If you did your primary education in Nigeria, you would know Simbi’s story had a vital role to play in our development as lovers of the literary culture. This book’s influence was the foundation for most of our interest in reading books.
Simbi is a girl, Simbi did go to school and she always went early. She followed all the rules, never did any wrong. Simbi passed WAEC, JAMB, NECO and every other obstacle that was placed to not make her gain admission into a university, she graduated with a first class in petroleum engineering and is currently working as a receptionist at a law firm.


Ali is Simbi’s brother, he loved school too, and he was a talented grass cutter. He had the agile wrist of a lawn tennis professional.


Akata witch by Nnendi Okorafor
Nnendi Okorafor is an amazing writer, and Akata witch is her best work to me so far. It is a magical story of Sunny, A nigerian-albino, who was born in America, but lives in Nigeria. She was never allowed to go outside into the sun and play; which saddened her most of the time, because, she was a very good athlete and loved playing football. She discovered that she was a witch and struggles to cope with that revelation. She eventually joins a band of other witches to battle a magical criminal.
It is a Great book, with a great plot and great characters.
I do recommend.


Purple hibiscus by Chimamanda Adichie

I read purple hibiscus when I was arriving at my teenage years and it made me appreciate my parents and how they punished me even more. Adichie has written a series of hits back-to-back and to me this book is her best yet. Purple hibiscus is about Kambili, a fifteen year old girl, who comes from a rich and dysfunctional family. She struggles with school, making friends, religion, and her father, Eugene, most of all. I loved everything about the book, from the character development to it’s style. Chimamanda really did a number here.


Eugene is not my favorite character. I just wanted to show you guys, how I imagined his appearance while reading the book.

The Joys of Motherhood by Buchi Emecheta.
This heartfelt book is about Nnu-ego and her husband Nnaife and Nnu-ego’s plight with child bearing. The novel centers around the necessity for a woman to be fertile, and above all to give birth to sons. The down pouring of neglect that comes with the lack of children and the relief that comes with having children; especially male children.
It was a great book, and even though it was published in 1979, it is still very much relevant today in 2017.


The Concubine by Elechi Amadi

I finally got to read this book last year, and I found myself asking why I took so long. This is a tragic tale set in eastern-Nigeria. It is about a beautiful woman, Ihuoma, who only brought death and suffering to every man who became her lover. It is an amazing story, dramatic and tragic. The writing, the plot and the characters make it hard to believe it was a debut novel by Elechi Amadi.


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