Finding Solace in the Turn of the Millennium

Finding Solace in the Turn of the Millennium

Many of us are obsessed with the late 90s to early 00s for multiple reasons. For some, it’s to relive a time when technology hadn’t consumed our lives and social media didn’t give us headaches. It also seems to be a time when almost everything had been done before when it came to commercial fashion. For the fashion enthusiasts, we can recall that period being the Tom Ford at Gucci era where these easy looks that were undeniably sexy reigned supreme. Meanwhile, those who live for pop culture were witnessing a boom in the paparazzi era back when celebrity culture was defined by mystery and what we saw of them, not by tweets that make us cancel them.

There just seems to be a timelessness that occurs with that era in general. Especially in terms of style. The vibes given off from the time are that of freedom, liberation and changing lifestyle norms. It’s no surprise that the second most popular era after it is the 70’s, another decade that offered men and women non-restricting choices be it gender neutral or not. The fashion of the turn of the millennium remains omnipresent for its simplicity, non-fussiness, and accessibility. Slip dresses, slits, slouchy fit clothing are go-to pieces to wear today. Sometimes I wonder if we’ll ever have future generations look back on our era and see an identifiable aesthetic in terms of clothing or will be remembered for the tech and socio-political activism? Both are good regardless.

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Suicide Mission, 1998

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Circling back to millennium styles, the golden age of Nollywood is a literal mood board of outfit inspiration and a culture that is undeniably our own. Accounts dedicated to the magic of that time are gaining serious traction and a form of escape from the toxicity that is Nigeria in 2018. Instagram pages like Nolly Babes offer a glimpse into that world by celebrating the women and men that made it enthralling in the first place. Aunties Clarion and Eucharia were doing glam brows and interesting lips way before these YouTube girls, Jim Iyke made a combo of tank tees, mirror sunnies and bandanas actually seem bad as hell, Genevieve was the original baby girl and Regina Askia literally invented that high waisted denim and jersey bandeau look (Sorry Julia Roberts, you tried). Not only did those ladies serve iconic looks, but they defined an era that the present just can’t hold a candle to. You can then imagine these looks accompanied by the sounds of Aaliyah, Mya, TLC, Diddy and more legends from that era where originality reigned supreme and not regurgitated ideas from Tumblr.
As the world changes quickly and the years go by a bit too fast, it’s quite obvious that the ‘90s babies aren’t babies anymore but maybe, just maybe we can hold on to this.

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