Exploring Nottingham: F&Bs and Ed’s Easy Diner

Exploring Nottingham: F&Bs and Ed’s Easy Diner

Hey guys and welcome to another TWP post! I’m back from my hiatus and I explained all about my disappearance in my previous post, so if you haven’t already, then you should definitely check it out below:

Being Gluten-Free

Today’s post marks the beginning of the ‘Exploring’ series where I will literally be exploring the food, culture and lifestyle of various cities and writing about it (restaurant reviews, places to go, etc). Hopefully I blow 🙏 so I can explore more cities in different countries and even holiday destinations.



The first set of posts in the series will explore restaurants & food in Nottingham, UK. So I expect all my Nottingham people to come through with the support and share it on social media.

In this post, I will be looking at the breakfast & lunch menus of two restaurants I have visited countless times during my stay in Nottingham – Frankie & Benny’s and Ed’s Easy Diner.

P.S: A known fact about me is that I’m obsessed with brunch. I can literally have brunch at all times during the day and because of this I’ll be a bit biased in my choice of restaurants for food/restaurant reviews.


Frankie & Benny’s

This is undoubtedly the restaurant I visited the most during my stay in the UK. It is a family friendly American Italian restaurant with great customer service and a cosy interior. Price wise, it is not too expensive and definitely an excellent value for money due to the fact that the food is really good and the  portions are sizeable. Being that it’s both Italian and American cuisine, there’s more options of food and a lot to choose from. Most of their restaurants are quite spacious and can usually cater for a large crowd. I remember celebrating my 18th birthday in the Nottingham branch and they were able to accommodate over 12 guests.

One of the main downsides to this restaurant is its poor dessert options. For somewhere that basically incorporates Italian and America food, I expected the dessert options to be outstanding and that was really disappointing for me. So if you’re a lover of desserts, you might want to try somewhere else after your meal.

Breakfast Menu: (Available from 9am – 12pm)

  • I’ve been at F&B’s to have breakfast maybe a 100 times and the first few times I went there I would always have the Triple Layer Pancakes (Old menu) which is now 3 buttermilk pancakes with two rashers of bacon and three fried eggs (£5.99). Once when sharing the meal with a friend, I had this with extras sides of toast & butter (£1.79) & baked beans (£1.49).

The meal is really delicious with all the flavors blending well together. The pancakes are well cooked everytime, fluffy yet very filling & there’s a perfect balance of sweetness. The bacon is crunchy but a bit too salty and oily for my liking. I usually prefer my eggs a little under-done and the egg yolk runny, so these are always perfect for me (However, they’re willing to cook the eggs to whatever specification you want).


  • Waffle with Fried Chicken, Bacon and Maple Syrup (£6.99)

Photo credits: @judakasaur

Literally the most perfect waffles – not too soft, not too crunchy & not too sweet. The fried chicken was crunchy and the skin was very flavourful, however the flesh inside was really bland and tasteless. The maple syrup was too thick and liquid for my liking. Altogether it doesn’t taste too bad but I found this to be a very average meal.


  • Traditional Fry Up: Sausage, two rashers of bacon, two fried eggs, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans and crispy herb potatoes  (£5.99)


Photo credits: @chelseapateman_sw & @bobsysmum

I’ve only had this meal twice and every time it’s really because I am craving the crispy herb potatoes. They are hands down my favourite things about this dish. They are cooked to perfection and extremely yummy and juicy. There’s a perfect harmony of garlic, pepper and Italian spices. Everything else is cooked well but nothing stands out as much as the potatoes.



Lunch Menu: (Available from 12pm – 5pm)

  • Southern Fried Chicken (£2.50)


These are one of my fave starters from F&Bs. They are tender yet deliciously crunchy and tasty. The BBQ dip is just to die for, I’m usually not a fan of barbecue sauce but this one really bangs and complements the chicken strips wonderfully. The only negative for me is that the portions – you only get four pieces 😞


  • Spaghetti Bolognese (£6.99)

This is one of the main Italian classics, and although it may be a little mainstream for most people, I personally would pick a plate of spaghetti bolognese over most Italian meals, and trust F&Bs to cook it to perfection. I’ve had this a few times and asides from a few occasions where the bolognese sauce to spaghetti ratio was a bit off, it’s usually 10/10.


  • BBQ Cheese Chicken Wrap (£6.99) served with fries and ‘slaw

I’m usually not a fan of wraps, so this was really exceptional but definitely worth it. The wrap was filled with cheddar cheese, red onion, lettuce and chicken slices coated in barbecue sauce. In a weird way, all the flavours came together and it tasted AH-mazing! The fries were perfect and the slaw was very creamy and juicy. It was also really filling, after the first half of the wrap and some fries I was already really full and had to take the rest home.


  • Brownies & Ice Cream (£5.59)

I’m not too much of a sweet tooth due to my sensitive stomach and so dessert for me is only once in a blue moon. The brownies were soft & moist as they should be and the ice cream was good as well. I’ve had this a few times after the spaghetti bolognese and let’s just say it’s a very lovely end to a good meal.



Ed’s Easy Diner


I’ve only been here a handful of times in comparison to F&B’s but I’d pick this over Frankie & Benny’s for brunch any day anytime. Why? Bottomless Breakfast! You pay one price and can keep getting the same meal you ordered over and over again up until 11.30am. The huge portions also make it ideal for food lovers and people who won’t have time to eat a lot during the day. I once had two rounds before a work shift and I literally stayed full the whole day. The price is also very decent, especially when compared with all the perks and the amount of food consumed.

The major downsides to this restaurant is the service – It takes quite some time for food to be ready and I feel like this delay tactic is in order to prevent people from being able to order so many plates. Advice: Come really early in the morning so you can really take advantage of the bottomless breakfast.

It’s a very nice atmosphere that is themed as an American diner (with the tables and chairs being in the form of a booth) and it kind of looks a bit like a fast-food. So if you’re looking to go to a more posh looking, that’s probably not the best place. Also, the Nottingham branch is not too great for a bigger crowd as it’s quite a small space.


Breakfast Menu (Available from 8.30am -11.0am):

  • When I go I usually have the ‘Stack Attack’ which is basically 2 Huge pancakes stacked, streaky bacon, sausage patty, 2 griddled eggs, hash brown and maple syrup (£8.99)


When I say the portions are huge, it’s literally no exaggeration. After my first plate, I’m already pretty full and only go for a second plate to fulfill all righteousness. I literally struggle to eat a bit of the second plate and have to request a take away. The pancakes and sausage patties are delicious and are cooked exquisitely. I particularly enjoy the bacon because it has a very smokey feel to it. The eggs are cooked however you like and the hash browns are tasty as well. The meal overall is very enjoyable.


Lunch Menu (Available from 11.30am – 7pm):

  • Classic Foot Long Dog (£7) with classic fries (£2.75)

The hotdog is usually topped with griddled & diced onion, gherkins, crispy shallot, ketchup and mustard but I prefer it with just the ketchup & mustard. The hotdog is huge and usually well-cooked but on a few occasions, I’ve gotten stale/old bread.


  • BBQ Chicken, Bacon & Cheese Burger (£8.50)

The bun on this is surprisingly soft and spot on. The bacon was crisp and the patty was cooked well, although it could have been a little thicker and less oily. A few times, the cheese has a little bit of a plastic feel and probably would have been better if left to melt a little longer. 


  • Classic Chicken Burger (£6.50)

I find chicken burgers to be a little tricky and quite difficult to really cook perfectly and this was no different. Although the fried chicken was a golden colour and moist, they were tasteless on the inside, so I had to rely on extra sauces like ketchup and mayonnaise to make this a little bearable. The chicken was also a bit too thin and unbalanced with the lettuce and tomato.


Overall, I would definitely give higher ratings to Frankie & Benny’s for a better (in terms of cooking & presentation) and more diverse breakfast and lunch menu, and for cheaper and more filling meals. However, I would choose the bottomless breakfasts at Ed’s Easy Diner anyday anytime.

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