Explore solitude with Sosa Yande on her new single “Solitary”.

Explore solitude with Sosa Yande on her new single “Solitary”.

In a world where we have become accustomed to being surrounded by friends and family, people find it hard to be okay with their lonesome, it can be a challenge. With her debut song, “Solitary”, Sosa Yande tackles this state.

 Having made a name for herself as a visual artist within the fashion space, Sosa Yande, inspired by soul music of Erykah Badu, Kelsey Lu and Alabama Shakes, marks her first foray into music with “Solitary”.

Laced with an electric guitar and drums, it packs a soulful bounce, as Sosa’s soft and emotive voice explores the state of solitude. What makes “Solitary” powerful is how Sosa Yande is able to mine the grey spot that exists between the space of being okay with being alone and being overwhelmed by that.


Stream Sosa Yande’s “Solitary” below:


Also available on Apple Music and Spotify.




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