Everyone talks


Everyone talks

Everyone talks.
It started as a whisper
That carelessly fell from loose lips
And jumped into the ever-perky ears
Of one always seeking to listen
Are there it made a nest
But perky ears can’t detain such
So it made a path to the mind
Where it embellished itself in improbable ornaments

However, it dare not stop there
So it dug a tunnel that leads to the mouth
There it nonchalantly slipped
With an amplitude barely higher than that of a hushed tone

Like a bead of blue dye dropped in a cup of clear water
Or like a puff of perfume sprinkled into a still room
It diffused and circulated
Broadcasting itself and unfolding into different dimensions
Seeking more ears, minds and lips to take refuge in

And then the lips came together
Discussing and debating it like it was their concern
Slowly the whispers became louder and louder
Till they could no longer be called whispers

Then after a while, it died down
Not as it started though
But now it’s heavier, designed, deeply seasoned in the implausible
Yet others will still perceive it as though it’s true

Now tell me at once:
Wasn’t it meant to be a secret?

By: Abooluwakiishi Akande

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