Do you think what you’re doing to me is fair?
To kiss me with the lips that you utter “I love you” to her?
To blatantly disrespect me commanding me to love you when you know I always say I do.
You have made me your fool once again and I have travelled through the hills of destruction
let these boulders tumble upon my bones till they are dust
but, only cause it meant being with you.
And even on these steep mountains where the wind will carry my dust-form through the valleys of deceit into
rivers of lies,
I will absorb you.
Once the atoms of matter have attached me to you there we are: liquid and dust
The sun will rise shining mightiest in the sky and she will evaporate your existence from me.
There I am,
Laying on the banks of heartbreak
and without your liquidation, I too will erode along with them.
Now there you are and there she is:
The both of you will set into the horizon making way for the black and purple sky who brings along a friend, guiding light of the night
His name,
Moon – cratered and flawed.
He stays the night till evening becomes morn’
he promises to come back so I wait.
and Yellow
Your mistress rises once again
devilish and bright seeking for you amongst the bed of heartbreak where you had left me but, you’re nowhere to be found.
the sun kept setting
the moon came
day after day.
You were nowhere to be found.
the sun rose
the moon disappeared day after day
You were nowhere to be found.
the moon asked me to be his – I said yes
You were nowhere to be found.
Over time the sun rose and then something strange happened,
Clouds covered the sky,
It became dark, as dark as the night
and Yellow
She tried to shine bright
to burn through the condensation but she was not strong enough.
The rumbling got louder
a white light flashed through the sky
it was not as harsh as the rising star
nor as humble as the evening star
it was fierce,
it was passionate. the rumbling got louder
the clouds became thicker
the flashes were quicker
and then you fell.
first in drops
then in sheets
then you poured,
you poured yourself back to me.
as water, you returned into the river of lies but I was no longer dust.
I had been loved so fiercely it moulded my integrity
I had been loved so deeply it strengthened my self-worth
I had been loved back into my first form
and there you were flowing in your river of lies through the valleys of deceit
and my bones became the flesh that tumbled boulders into your banks and with each splash, she took bits and pieces of you red orange and yellow she became satisfied for I gave you to her without a fight.
do you think what you did to me was fair?
you kissed me
told her you love her
I walked away from that disrespect I’ll always love you but darling
by the sweat of my face, I shall drip you till you return to the ground for out of it, you were taken
but I, I am not dust and to dust, I refuse to return.

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