Deborah Prest to the World

Deborah Prest to the World

If you are from Delta State or you live in Lagos state, you would have definitely heard of the name Prest. For this edition of the Lucid Interview, I spoke to a member of the Prest family that everyone should know; Deborah Prest. I was invited out for an evening of Jazz music by JazzZ Atta. (You can read my interview with her here) I expected to enjoy myself but I did not expect to be blown away. Awestruck is the word that comes to mind every time she opens her mouth.

This Lucid interview serves the purpose of showing the music industry and world at large, the precious gem that is Deborah Prest.



Please introduce yourself.

DEB: My name is Deborah Temisanren Prest. I was born on the 5th, November 1993. I am from Delta state.

Why did you decide to go by your name and not an alias? If you weren’t Deborah Prest, what would you go by?

DEB: Simply put, I love my name enough. Hahaha, I actually don’t know.

Tell us your sound and your debut single, Spaces

DEB: I grew up doing cover songs with my Dad’s band; it wasn’t until 2016 that I decided I was going to go on my own journey doing my own thing. It’s been a work in progress. I put out my debut single in January, 2018.  The beat was sent  to me by a friend and  I loved immediately I heard it, I went to the studio and that’s how Spaces was created and everyone loved it, I have a couple of songs I am working on at the moment. I would describe my sound as a bit of indie soul and Afro pop.

What influences your music?

DEB: Hmm, I would say a lot of things but mostly my mood.

You’ve been doing music for almost all your life, how does it feel and how is it making music with your dad?

DEB: It’s been quite interesting; my dad’s band travelled a lot. Back in secondary school, I had to come home sometimes during lunch breaks for rehearsals because my school was close to the house. I won’t say I had the normal childhood/teenage experience growing up but it was great. It all started when I was about 4. My dad heard me singing and he told my mum I could sing then began to groom me till I officially joined his band when I was 10. I think my dad is really awesome and talented, however we are yet to create an original song, hopefully we will soon.

I’m sure I speak for a number of people when I say I would be looking forward to that! What has been your experience in the music industry?

DEB: It’s been pretty encouraging so far, every now and then I get messages from fans telling me how much they appreciate what I do. It makes me feel like I’m really doing something and I know I am just getting started. 🙂

 That’s amazing to hear, I think this definitely indicates a growth in the industry. Who would you like to collaborate with on a project?

DEB: There are so many people I would love to work with. I would definitely love to work with JazzZ Atta, Mitch Straaw, Savvy Henry and Johnny Drille amongst so many great artists.

 I can imagine the kind of heat that would come out of the studio! Tell us about your upcoming project, Magic.

DEB: Magic was a spontaneous creation with the amazing Bigfoot at the studio and I ended up loving it. I decided I was going to share it with everyone out there.

Bigfoot is such a great producer; I can’t wait for everyone to feel the Magic! If you were to describe your music with a color, what color would you say your music is?

DEB: This is a hard one. I would say purple. It’s one of my favorite colors, I love it.

Are you signed to a record label?

DEB: No, I’m not. I don’t think there is any label right now I would like to be signed to.

What would you do if you weren’t doing music?

DEB: I would probably be a vet because I love animals and I’ll also be on some remote island growing my own crops and all, hahaha.

That sounds very peaceful and nice! What’s the ultimate vision for your music?

DEB: It is to have my brand recognized globally for constantly creating timeless music that everyone can relate to and most of all, music that makes people feel like they are not alone. I say this because there’s a time in everyone’s life where we feel like we are drowning in isolation.

I understand what you mean. There’s something about knowing someone else is with you through your journey. Do you think your style of music should be mainstream in the country?

DEB: Hahaha, I am just trying to do me and be great at it whilst creating music for those who can relate.

That’s a vague answer but I’ll take it. Would you be dropping videos for Spaces and Magic soon?

DEB: My team and I are currently working on a video for Magic. Spaces will have to wait a bit.

Tell us about your creation process as regarding your writing and recording

DEB: I don’t really have a writing process for now. Most times, I just have a melody in my head for months and then when it feels right, I write to it.

If there was any song in this world that you wish you sang, what song would that be?

DEB: Tough one there but I would say What Now by Rihanna.

That’s a good choice. My final question to you is perhaps my most important. Do you think music can save us, humanity as a whole?

DEB: If we let it, it can and would but humanity is famous for self-sabotage.


Humanity is famous for self-sabotage.


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