City In The Dark

City In The Dark

I wake up to the cries of my people,
Mental chains on our arms and feet;
The powers that be never fail to feed us lies and deceit.
Sickly children sucking on their dead mothers breasts;
Watch where you stand we’re in a state of unrest.

Bullets scattered across the city,
Blood flowing down the street;
We cry out to be heard, but we still suffer strife.
They still take our lives;
They still rape our wives
Even with bloody hands they still have the courage to deny.

Judgment has been set;
Know this you evil men.
The monsters you created will come and take your life.
Knock! knock!, this is death;
I hope you are prepared,
I have come to take it all away and there’ll be nothing left.

by Marvelous Ikpea

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