Benny Que has just dropped another song off his debut mixtape – Nocturne. The soul music artist and producer features the entrancing vocals of Lady Donli, and assistance from DJ Euno, over instruments orchestrated by AYLØ on this smooth house influenced record.

Benny Que is a 23-year-old soul/hip-hop music artiste & producer based in Nottingham, UK. Heavily influenced by artistes and producers such as ‘Q-Tip’ from where he derives the ‘Que’ from in his moniker, J-Dilla & the Notorious BIG as well as his African roots. His style swings from a fusion of soul and afro to hip-hop as seen on his last release ‘Sensuel Ft. Paula B’ and other previous releases such as ‘Fall Beneath Ft. AYLO & Ismatanks’ and ‘The Journey Ft. Paula B’.
‘Charlene’ finds him battling his way through emotional and financial troubles, indulging in a night out with friends to let off some steam and narrating how one can be in a relationship with someone but still have desires for another.
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