Chanel No.5

Chanel No.5

She can smell the perfume on your clothes.
But like your skin,
It assaults her senses.
The scent of the other woman on you
Retained till this time of night is an insult to her intelligence.

You claim to have been to the gym
“These muscles can’t tone themselves”, you say with a smile.
But how are these muscles so lax after two of hours of “rigorous workout”?

It must be that your boys wear Chanel No. 5
Or how do you explain the expensive smell that you come home with every Tuesday and Friday,
And some Saturdays when you’ve been out with the boys for drinks.

But you were drinking the juices of yet another woman.

Now you enter her as if she were you right
Your possession
And she has to remember with each stroke
Not to scream out your brother’s name.

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