Captain Calabar

Captain Calabar

The comic is designed to deliver hard graphic action, comic humour, and a touch of the satirical, whilst showcasing the beauty and artsy nature of Nigeria and Africa one issue at a time.

Three dynamic creators, Timehin Akinde, Abasido Akpan, and Joshua Akpan are responsible for CC. As architecture students, they were obsessed with creating something to showcase Nigeria’s artsy settings to the world. Looking at the vastly underdeveloped comic industry in Africa, they found application for design and devised a means to infuse beauty into the story. “Heroes that speak our language!” While both Akpans handled the art, Timehin worked as the chief writer for the series. Art meets storytelling!

Methodically, Akbar Comics plans to unfold a Comicverse laden with heroes of varying cultures and nationalities. Captain Calabar isn’t just a comic, it’s a movement. The goal at Akbar Comics is to create a lasting African comic book universe made by Africans and to redefine the art form whilst opening doors for fellow African creatives.

Issue #1 – Page 2

The first issue of Captain Calabar is already COMPLETE! Comedy, action, art, colours, letters and mild perversion are already on the page and ready to go! However, funding is required for production costs associated with making issues #2 onwards.

Issue #1 – Page 18

To pledge and find out exactly what your funds would be used for visit the link below

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