‘Banana Leaves’ by Ujah Godwin

‘Banana Leaves’ by Ujah Godwin

I feel my eyes move,
And I have a clue.
Maybe I have shifted my mind’s eye,
From the negatives of this life,
And settled them on these banana leaves.
In all it’s green lustre,
Having fallen the shallow heights from the tree,
It looks like it doesn’t give a care.

Lush and green,
It grins
At me.
Letting me know that,
It is fine, and it just wants to sleep.
“It’s time to rest”,
It whispers,
“I have blossomed enough”.

Still, as my mind’s eye watched,
The wind sprinkled a company of fine dust.

Banana leaves peplumed with fine sand,
Sprawled on the floor,
It said to me,
“What is life?”

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