‘Back Around’ – Thompson S. Ekong

‘Back Around’ – Thompson S. Ekong

Back Around is a visual series exploring the value of music, heritage and youthful culture.
The series is circled around Skepta performing at a music festival in his home country Nigeria.
The images curated in this series bring out emotions of a mind who’s had to pursue his dream away from home due to lack of structures. While away from home, he becomes an icon in another’s man land upon his return home the culture of new age Africa has grown, and limitations didn’t allow him to grow at home have been established for him to shine.
It’s profound as new age Africa takes shape, it’s a call to Africans all over, a pride raging across every African as we’re a global voice.

“Being here put me in a different state.
The atmosphere was unique, it felt like sounds of people who were happy of all they’ve accomplished.
Capturing these images were perfect reflections of the strength in our consciousness.
Africans everywhere have fought years of mistakes, we’ve undergone so much yet we still kept on going, kept on believing.
Our skins never seemed to fade away from history.
To the skins close to our outside, they couldn’t be more proud that home has begun to shine.
It’s been long coming, some called it out homecoming.
A time where we need not leave our boarders to seek dreams or joy.
Grown, we’ve grown enough to own our presence in the world.
History taking notes of our ethos.
The culture is is priceless, we are the profit.
These moments the kids of the future reunite with their heroes all happening in your environment, in your Africa, are prophecies to our New Age.

Thompson S. Ekong

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