AYLØ’s ‘Still II’

AYLØ’s ‘Still II’

Fresh off the back of his new video premiere for popular afro fusion song ‘wys?’, featuring the notorious Santi (Ozzy B). Alternative soul singer AYLØ is back with the sequel to the song ‘Still’, which he released last year which featured the gifted soul singer, Aziff.

Speaking with Lucid Lemons, AYLØ explains that ‘Still II’ is the sequel to a track that dropped last year, before recent project: “<insertprojectname/>”.

“Let’s just say that since last year, I’ve gained different perspectives on certain things and it has reflected in the music that I now make” – AYLØ

Still II’ is a sweet-toned track that blends subtle percussion and mellow pads from popular producer Le Mav, followed by the smooth engineering of Tay Iwar.

This new track from AYLØ represents a change of perspective, from pleading for his heart not to be broken in the first song, to now confessing that it doesn’t matter.

He leaves us with a final message: “I hope you enjoy this letter from my heart. Truthfully, to you… I’d always be yours.”


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Watch AYLØ- wys? ft Santi(Ozzy B)


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