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Yes, it’s still that season, where everyone is getting one gift or the other, and wanting to spend extra time with their significant other. It’s February. The month of love. Everywhere you turn it’s reminders everywhere. ‘love, love, love’ from the valentines discounts, to the red that seems to be in fashion just in February and occasionally Christmas. In this season, while everyone is concentrating on loving or being loved, it’s noteworthy to clearify what kind of love you’re giving or receiving. Greek mythology dates back to about 6 kinds of love :
1. Storge- Family love. The kind you have for a family member, or your favourite uncle, may be seen between parents and children

2. Philia- friendship love may be seen as brotherly or platonic , between a group of friends or acquaintances.

3. Pragma- between a married couple. This develops over time, it endures in sickness and health, the love that makes one care for an old time friend who is now vulnerable

4. Philautia- self love

5. Eros- romantic and erotic love , may turn to other kinds of love but usually starts as romance and attraction. Intimate love

6. Ludus- flirty and playful affection the feeling you have when you have the idea of being in love with someone, the feelings of euphoria

7. Agape- unconditional love. As seen between God and man. Ideal starting point for any kind of love.

Whilst everyone is focusing on ‘getting love, giving love’, we shouldn’t forget Philautia.

That’s love for yourself. When last did you do something for yourself, not doing it for anyone else but yourself, you’re eyeing that dress in Lipsy, why not spoil yourself, go get it. Take care of yourself, because in real sense, only you can do that best. You only live once, don’t waste time dwelling on the unimportant things of life, spend personal time with yourself, discover who you really are, what you really like. Live for yourself, because in the end, it’s really your walk with life not anyone else’s. People may come into the picture, but then the main focus should be you. So why not, focus on loving yourself first, as many of us forget we need to love ourselves before we can love others. How do you want to give out love, when you don’t even have it yourself. You only give what you have. That skill you’ve been eyeing? Go for it. That language you want to learn to speak, learn it. Don’t wait around for people. Because people disappoint. Love yourself, to the extent you’d do anything to make yourself happy. Regardless.




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