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‘The Paradox of Life’ by Amao Faridah

LL Post 2

I see them,
I see them all around
Some of them crawling
Some walking
Some running
Some falling at the last minute
“Wait for me”, they say
We just need a little hoist
I’m sorry, I can’t stop
I’m already going too fast
Forgive me.

“Forgive you?” they snort
With all your power and stamina
You overtake us, the weak ones
And leave us on the ground
Lifeless, like fallen palm fronds
Trampled on by the “mighty elephants”
The violent sun shining his light
Turning our once vibrant colours to ash
Before the last hour comes upon us
And the unwelcome guest comes-a-visiting

Forgiveness is merely but a facade
A deceitful mask of recovery
Can the shards of a broken vase be recovered?
Can sweat, tears and broken bones ever be replaced?

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‘1004 spoilt me’ by Afolabi Aiyela

LL Post 5

1004 spoilt me
From the highest thrones
To the silly games we princes and princesses seldom owned.
On lawn tennis lawns was birth the first imagination
With no retaliation
The first kiss,
the first fight and stupidly bruised wrists
I remember the 6th floor balcony,
a world so far away from the earth stringed with big boy realities
The wind kissing my skin,
forget that ridiculous AC thing
There were no mosquito bites that high up
All I beheld was the perfect sky drop
The Stars were so close to reach,
they would visit me every night and preach
Of only opulence and glamour
These I latched on to as a shield and amour
1004 gave the first best friend,
the first carpoolkareoke trend,
the first birthday party butterfly dance step,
the first make believe Captain Hook on a bonk bed/ pirate ship.
Why didn’t you prepare me for nasty slums,
bad roads and eventually a world run by a Donald trump?
Why didn’t you say “folabi, don’t get used to me.
The government is gonna take back your keys,
I’ll become even posher and fully serviced,
and you will eventually be worse off for it”
Instead you gave me music and you gave joy.
You gave me household Christian fellowships and friends with cool toys.
Now we see each other only once in a while
when my island voyages bring me past u to the lekki isle.
I won’t even front, I miss you.
You majestic mystery, you.
Thank you for spoiling me good
and for affording me the best childhood.

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