An evening with Verse Writer: Part 2

An evening with Verse Writer: Part 2

‘Good evening ladies and gentlemen , my name is Lanaire Aderemi and I am also known as Verse Writer

Lanaire said these words as she turned to her audience introducing them to her creative space filled with journals, books, plants and a band.

And so she begun. She performed poems from her poetry anthology  ‘Of Ivory and Ink’ which she first launched at Lucid Lemons’ Lemon Curd event last year (2017). She performed poems that came after her book with her band. Each poem told a different story; from the erasure of black women from history in ‘remember me’ which she described as ‘epistemic violence,’ to the effects of neo-colonialism on African countries in ‘yellow attracts flies.

Alongside her performances were impromptu appearances from the audience who became actors (to their surprise) in her short plays such as ‘have you ever been free ?’ and ‘electric chair

An evening with a verse writer was also a night of monologues and dialogues as other featured poets spoke about their poems and their journey to poetry . It was a night of conversations with strangers and friends as people interacted in Lanaire’s ‘Think Tank’ – a phone-free gallery space filled with all that inspires her. It was also a night of short films as Lanaire presented her poetry in motion.

And so the violinist played her strings. The saxophonist and singers shut their eyes. The pianist played his chords. And verse writer ended with
‘powerful. raised fists.broken chains. that is my poetry’

The night ended but #aneveningwithversewriter has only just begun.

In part 2 of #aneveningwithversewriter Lanaire plays different characters from her poetry anthology ‘Of Ivory and Ink’ – from a broadcaster to a child. See the performance below and subscribe to her channel for more content.

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