Amica Mea,” He said, moving along with the darkness the light brings. “Quid enim mali est
Still confused…he stayed looking around wondering if ever she would maybe one day pull some words together with meaning, but no, she wouldn’t.
So now he’s drowning in his own thoughts, a beautiful confusion. Standing right in front of her but his consciousness is hiking to Venus. He wishes he could see through her but her bones are metal thick.
He realises though, that he maybe never will. Sad, he moves away and into the darkness..though the light follows him, he’s determined to stay.
But the darkness is a manifestation of the light he once knew, like nothing he’s ever felt before, yet so familiar. He would call it kamar but his heart is pure as emeralds on the ocean floor. And in this darkness, he must dwell, a photic purgatory, till the sun rises over the cliff and illuminates his path to Eden.

by Folakemi Johnson (Twitter: @KemionJ) & Chinedu Okam (Twitter: @Eyeofzeus)

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