Getting Lit With Tayo

Getting Lit With Tayo

Meet Jaiyeola Temitayo aka “Tayo Is Litty , the talented singer, is set to take the industry by storm and with the vibes he’s bringing, it’s about to become a litty affair
Let’s get to know him,shall we ?

1. let’s allow you to introduce yourself, your name is … ?

Ans: Jaiyeola Temitayo Peter Olamide

2. How did you start your music journey , how did you find your sound ?

Ans: i recorded my first cover when I was 11 years old at some studio my friend casually invited me to. I believe I am yet to find my sound.

3. Regarding your recent song “Ready”, what inspired the theme of the song?

Ans: it was just Vibes. Studio vibes and the song title and rhythm came through.

4. What inspires the gbedu in you ?

Ans: I listen to a lot of music so there sure would be always some vibe coming. Apparently, it’s all vibes.

5. You’re the Chief host Of The Spaz houseparty, what exactly is that all about?

Ans: Spaz Inc is an entertaining incorporation. We are going to comprise of so many entertaining packages, so it’s all about entertainment and fun

6. Any plans for future releases or ?

Ans: yes, currently working on my EP.

7. The paradigm in the country seems to be shifting in favour of the new generation, what’s your take on this ?

Ans: Music has its time and energy, it will keep revolving. The evolution won’t stop, so let’s keep working.

8. How did you get your performance name?

Ans: I enjoyed the Tory lanez song “Litty” a lot when it came out, so I just caught cruise with the word and added it for an Instagram handle to my name. All cruise sha. Lol

9. I always ask this question last, so Tayo is Litty as an evolving creative what would say your final form is ?

Ans: I’m building a brand going to involve a whole lot for myself with God on my side, so everyone should be ready.

Enjoy “Ready”, produced by Adey, link below :

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