What does heart break feel to you? by @_Bamiji

What does heart break feel to you? by @_Bamiji

Heartbreak is amazing, you feel physical pain without any injury to your person, a means of humbling by the gods. This feeling eviscerates you and reveals layers you thought never existed.
Loving someone that loved you but will never love you back is a curse, a more panache form of pain but still pain regardless.
How do we go from connecting on a level that doesn’t exist yet, every interaction we had fitting like the gears of a well-oiled machine, to casting furtive glances at each other afraid of sharing a moment ?.

These thoughts raced through my mind as I buried my face in a lover’s bliss, trying to exorcise the demons that share my dreams with me.
Memories of happiness race alongside these demons and I become lost once more.
Moans resulting from climaxing reminds me of her and my demons revel, sharpen their blades and crawl towards me once more

Heartbreak doesn’t hit you suddenly, it’s dilatory feeling, a slow but always forthcoming flow. I feel this as it gradually came in its intense ebbies.
Heartbreak is the feeling that leaves you awake by 4am with tears streaming into the pillow and leaves you in a zugzwang. I smell lemons as I count them into my palm and it keeps me lucid while I ingest more pills

Should I describe the pain i felt from losing her ?
I try to describe this feeling as I climbed into this place
I try to describe this feeling as I take my last breaths
I try to describe this feeling as I fall

I can’t and I hit rock-bottom.

This is what heartbreak feels to me

by Bami Akodu

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