She tries her best.

She lets her hair down and wears fancy earrings.

She is nice and polite but also teasing and fun.

She wears the dresses and crosses her legs.

She follows the top fashion blogs.

Anything to change her for them.

Efforts, she always makes to change their mind.

Their thought pattern seems stuck in a past that is not even real.

Labels, labels, labels, coming from left, right, and center.

All sorts of mockery aimed at her.

‘Why don’t you send your sister to a lady’s finishing school?’

‘Hahaha, this one?! She is hopeless.’

Apparently, her efforts are futile.

Humans always see what they want.

She strives so hard to become their perfect woman,

Yet it seems that no matter what she will remain as the tomboy outsider.

Photo Credit: Gbemiga Olaniyii – @gbengaolaniyii

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