#RaiseTheSilence: Letter To My Friend


#RaiseTheSilence: Letter To My Friend

If I had known or paid more attention, you’d probably still be here. I miss you and I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to help you. You see, I honestly thought you were being dramatic and I told you that you would be fine. You said you wouldn’t and you were right. You weren’t fine and it’s not fine.

You didn’t have to go through it alone. I wish you had called me to let me help you, let me talk to you, let me get you help, but back then I would have probably told you to suck it up. It’s too late now and the only thing on my mind is regret. I crave the time we spent together and I can’t help but think I won’t see you again for a very long time.

It’s crazy to me that you’re dead! I still can’t believe it. I wish we could have fought this battle together. I’m sorry you had to face your demons alone because no one around you believed you. We didn’t think you could have been depressed. But how could we? You seemed such a happy person, but there’s more to it isn’t there? The happiness was a cover up wasn’t it? I know the truth now and I wish I wasn’t so ignorant back then. The truth haunts me and I wrestle with myself everyday trying to convince myself it wasn’t my fault. I shouldn’t have ignored you, I should have fought for you, gotten you help, supported you. But it’s too late now.

I miss you and what saddens me is that you could still be here but I was too wrapped up in my everyday “battles” when you were fighting an internal war. It shouldn’t have ended this way but like they say, maybe everything happens for a reason. Goodbye my friend, I promise you I will help everyone I can. Thank you because you’ve helped me see that not all that glitters is gold.

Sleep well, my friend.


Expert Notes (by Doc Ayomide)

You know what’s most tragic about the state of mental health in our world? The fact that so much of it is preventable, and yet it happens anyway. Nearly a million people take their lives every year, three out of every four from low and middle income countries (like Nigeria and most of Africa). And of that number, many had attempted suicide before or had been seen by a doctor.

In other words, they could have been identified as being at risk and their lives saved. But that won’t happen until we acknowledge how serious and how widespread mental disorders are. It won’t happen until we stop waiting for tragedies before we talk about mental illness.

But it can happen. And it can start with you.

Learn more about suicide and what you can do to help on my website.


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