Falling In Love

is like finally seeing color

after years in black and white.

It is

the vibrance of red

the calm of blue

the shock of yellow

after a lifetime of monotony.


Falling in requited love

is an exchange of hearts

a sharing of emotions

an entwining of existences.

It is

giving your all

giving away everything

and still feeling whole

because you got the world in return.


Love is many things for many people. For me, it is:


The tears of joy

wide, uncontrollable smiles

sparks turning  my skin to a dance floor.


The aching emptiness when she’s away

the flames in my harmattan-hot heart

not being extinguished

by the winds of distance.


Being thankful for the last girl

because what I had with her

what I would’ve eventually called love

was too pale

too flaccid

to be called love.


My heart swelling

with every word she speaks

and falling

with every tear shed.



that what I have

is what i need

and all I want.

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