Parting Ways

Parting Ways

I have taken the time to write. This time, oddly enough, it has been hard.

I feel sort of lost, lonely, biding time till I can confidently express my thoughts.

My fingers are itching to type, but my thoughts are still.

I can feel the urge within to write my emotions out, but everything in me seems lifeless.

I guess that’s how a break-up is supposed to feel.

Whatever the reason may be.

But, I have no one to talk to. The people I would are the last people I want to, so I walk around like there’s joy in my steps, but I’m hollow.

Hollow. The words I want to spill onto the page are noiseless echoes within me.

It makes me sick. The needy helplessness, the unwanted pity, the reminiscing, the daydreams, the denial, the hate, the love, the stillness, the nothingness, the fact that as much as it bothers me I don’t feel any of it.

But this feels different.

I don’t know what to make of it.

It’s the pathetic feeling of helplessness and hopelessness that aches in my bones

It’s the loss of a bond, the loss of a friendship that had been molded and shaped with words and actions from the within.

The loss of a lover, the loss of a friend…


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