Sincerely, A Fellow Life Sojourner

Sincerely, A Fellow Life Sojourner

Fellow human,
It’s a new year 2017 (thankfully not 2016S Edge) and obviously I know what you’re thinking: ‘New Year New Me’ as it happens every year. Drawing up new year resolutions, promising to make changes in certain aspects of your life, determination to get your grades up, and live a healthier life. Maybe even lose some weight while you’re at it or add weight in all your cheeks, and finally overcome the spirit of procrastination sent by evil forces, etc. Makes sense anyway, doesn’t it? Because it all points in one direction being a happier and more fulfilled person. You should, everyone deserves it, so I’ll dive right in.
These things you’ve so set your mind, body and soul to achieving won’t come in a flash, mind you. They will not be achieved in a day, or a week, not even in a month. Just as your weight won’t drastically reduce if you only attend the gym once or twice or three times, so will the change in character you’re aiming for not happen in one moment. No. What brings about the changes you seek are the little moments in which you remember your promises and stick to them, no matter what; that little act of random kindness, that moment you forgive and decide to let go, when you consider others before yourself. These are what define your strength and commitment to being a better person.
They often almost go unnoticed so be careful not to misuse them when you come across them.
Do not forget to slow down. Just take a moment to look around you, reflect on the day’s events and your reaction to certain things. Think before you act or speak. Trust me, it makes a whole lot of difference and has the power to prevent awkward situations.
Take time to pay attention to yourself, your wants and your needs. Wake up each day and feed yourself a dose of self love, confidence and positivity; expecting the best and nothing less.
Maybe avoid situationships (lol). Define your relationship with others because to be honest, I think the soul can do a lot more without the stress and confusion it brings.
FOCUS (no, not the movie). This five-letter word is the power house of all your resolutions. Without it, fam wyd?? It fuels your mind and pushes your body, creates determination and hard work; put all these in a pot and stir and best believe with a little pinch of luck, you’ll be dishing yourself a healthy meal of rewards at the end of the year.
Most importantly, do not fail to consider the 4 Way Test of the Rotary Club when in doubt, use them as guiding principles in all you d0.

1) Is it the TRUTH?
2) Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4) Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned.

With these in mind, you can never go wrong with your actions.

I’m no longer one for New year resolutions (I just set goals as I go because it makes me feel more important) but it’s only fair to share these tips that have helped me in past years with you and hope that you’ll find it useful too. The year is young and gives room for amendments. I only wish we walk through it with the best attitude and make maximum use of its opportunities till it’s bursting at the seams. Good luck!

Yours Sincerely,
A fellow life sojourner.

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