Codename 1.0 follows the story of a young girl being hunted by a shadow organization called the Oculus, this action packed film is the first
Just in time to bid you adieu for now! The Listening Sessions will be back shortly for a second season with more music to discover!   1. Braveheart
Call us by our names. Romeo Oriogun Dennis Macaulay Delle Chibuzor Ife Call us by our names! Not by the failed attempt at humor in pathetic insults aimed at us because we
Multitalented Muyiwa Akhigbe, has just dropped a brand new single titled ‘Come Back’, a soulful R&B song. Muyiwa made his first introduction into the scene
Ugonna 'gunna' Ikechi, a Toronto-based Nigerian multi-media artist.   thegunnavision. functions as a conduit for his visual expressions via a variety of media. His work is based on
It’s 2018 and having your songs on iTunes, Spotify, etc., has never been easier—in theory at least. With more than ten companies offering to help
What is it? The Listening Session is a weekly group discussion on 5 to 10 songs by underground & upcoming artists submitted to Lucid Lemons. How does it work? We share a playlist with a rotation of members that give meaningful feedback to the artists and to hope to make themselves new fans and those they share the music with. We interchange members weekly, so if you’d like to join a session or send in your music, use the submission form on the homepage! Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the members and do not necessarily reflect the official opinion. 1
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