Tell us about your background? CA: My name is Carianne Annan, I was born in Ghana and moved to England when I was 6. I’m currently
Discussions can be a very powerful thing. It is one of my favourite things to do with my friends. There is always something to be
Music, just like its individual artists, is very diverse. For Lucid Lemon’s Ladies Month, I interviewed an amazing musician who brings some awesome diversity to
Tell us about your background? Annie-Marie: I was born in the capital city of Ghana in 1995, to Ghanaian parents. I lived in Accra till I
I'm to give an introduction, to present Tay a 20-year-old Nigerian producer & singer who's back on our scene after taking a short break to
Hi everyone! I think the last time I wrote an introduction to a blog post was sometime in 2013. It’s been over 5 years since I
Codename 1.0 follows the story of a young girl being hunted by a shadow organization called the Oculus, this action packed film is the first

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