Internalised Misogyny occurs when women believe sexist rhetoric that is often passed on through culture, social norms, and tradition. My focus will be on internalised
Be my reader. This is a feeling post. Which is amusing considering feelings are one of the most 'un-Saturn' things ever. Raja and Tamas, Karma and
There's a dynamic change in what it means to be a creative from Africa, the world is feeding on our culture as they've always done
Tell us about your background? Annie-Marie: I was born in the capital city of Ghana in 1995, to Ghanaian parents. I lived in Accra till I
The thoughts lingering. A sultry female is all I see. Silver stilettos on your feet. That red dress pressed lusciously against your body. Take it off, take it off. I
Tell us about your background? Marie-Chantelle: I’m from Ivory-Coast. I was born in London; my mum is from Ivory-Coast and my Dad was born in France
  Ever heard of Port Harcourt in Nigeria?  What are your first thoughts?  Black soot. Kidnappings. Tales of strife and stagnation. You rarely hear about the beauty of
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